Tuesday, September 29, 2009


i will miss a lot this year raye..well,nothing else to ramble here because the celebration this year same as other raye but this raya was quite dull..u know why??n i think u van guess it,anyway i'd celebrate raye without mok tok(my granny sebelah ayah)..it was bcoz every raye she alwaz n never missed to make ketupat palas n tapai..i still can njoy that scrumptious dish but not so plenty like before..hurmm, we have to accept the fate that human cannot immortal because our heart just like the batery..once it lose the beat,that person will fly away..huh,quite sad..nway,i want to compare between my childhood raya and my latest raya..there are a lot of difference..and in my view, the celebration becoming dull year by year n i think maybe someday it will brighten again..maybe after u married, the raya becoming enjoyable again ek??i just thinking and not my real opinion =P..hehe..total ang paw for raye=rm0..huhu,that's way i said earlier that raya is not happiest day in my life..because no money income..hhohoho..ok2,saya daa merapu dgn BI yg tunggang lenggang..sorry,i dun have time to make a revise..bubye
-org bagi..jgn harap nak wat sendiri,ok...