Sunday, May 11, 2014

Nu sentral...

Salam and greet!!!

Have u heard NU sentral before? It is situated next to klsentral and accomodated with excalator which u just walked a bit inside the klsentral to reach over the mall..
   I heard this mall already opened to the public since last month..phewww!!it is finally opened..the construction begun when i still undergraduated if i'm not mistaken i was in 2nd year when they started the,that's mean it took for about 5 years to established!!!wow!!i dunno why it took so long....maybe they got some difficulties that we might no know..internal error perhaps...haha..just my random thoughts..
   At first I thought they wanna built office lot or hotel..haha..luckily it is a mall..its good for travelers to have a sip of coffee or take a break by sightseeing.hewhew...

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