Tuesday, December 22, 2009

new semester @_@

yay!!finally i am in the last semester..but it is not a big yay for me though..i just felt that this new semester gonna be a big hit for me to strive for excellent..huhu..i am alone here..the China student not arrive here yet..i thought maybe they want to spend d Xmas with the family(i just thought that they r Buddhist..indeed)..it's not my problem anyway..so,today i'm continuing my journey to the graduation..too many challenge i have to face it..so,bear in mind that whatever 'bad' things happens to u or it seem like u losing ur path but always remember to Him...insya-Allah,u will get the clarifies of all of ur problems..trust me..He never give u such a problem that u can't solve it..because he knew your strength...ok..tata..nk p lab lps ni(still got time to quote here,huh??)

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