Saturday, October 17, 2009

:::GaMe!! eVeRyWhErE:::

salam..i am quite tension with my passion of fb,there's a lot of new game introduced in the fb..before this,my main and not miss games are YoVille n Pet Society..huhu,but now i allergically most of the games..farmville la,barn&buddy and now i addicted to cafe world..why they testing my iman with all this??i can't focus study if there any game in front of my eyes..luckily, i'm not addicted to pc games..hehe,i played severe times when in junior status..but now dah matured,just played fb games is almost enough..ok laa,i want to sleep earlier because i want to stay up in the middle of midnite..tata

P/S: i could not upload the pics of fb's games because my lptop so tired and always buat hal..hanging xtentu psl..huhu.should i buy a new one??byk duit ko,tukar RAM sudeyy!!

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