Friday, October 9, 2009

bUrRrPP ****

salam..fully today..sangat kenyang..night before this,we went open house one of our famous coursemate, arrabe'(unique name beholder)..i ate roti jala..actually i want to munch all the food on the table but be cool babe,don't ashamed yourself!!when sitting in the car,i felt that car senget(cian tuan kete yg menyumpangkan aku,hahaha)..i felt sorry,nothing i can do with my body weight now.because all of my friends saying i got normal figure but they r totally wrong!!but i have big mission today---packing the pack---because i'm going to hit the Fraser hill tomorrow...wee~i can't wait evenhough we all have to sleep in tent AGAIN!as long as i can escape away from campus,that would be okay??ok,i'm done..gonna pack n sleep enough now..papai..i gonna miss u blog!!


  1. hehe..because u came late..n the battery almost zero..i had to open the camera rarely so that i could save the power..keh3