Friday, October 2, 2009

SoMe wOmAn cAnNot pReGnAnT bUt SoMe MeN cAPabLe..Gosh!!

salam..yesterday,i was so bored then i was surfing the web..then,i found something that amazing and quite shocking u ever heard "THE PREGNANT MAN"..Yes, repeat,pregnant man!!well,i am quite lost because i didn't knew this kind of crappy fact,there were many cases about the pregnant man previously that not only involved 1 person but few!At first, i looked on their picture but damn he looks totally like a normal man(having beard, muscled body n yet hansome(-_-")..haha)...moving on,i didn't believed it at first thought because how come a baby can stuffed into his womb,perhaps(n that's confusing me)..when i'm searching his article n read it, n dammit i found out that he was transgenders which mean he was born as a girl..then,transforming herself as 'himself'..despite he is changing his gender,but he still keep his womb(woman organ sex) instead having testosterone hormone(keje gilo sunggoh)..i don't know what on earth people today..some of them born as charming boy but transform to woman, n some born as cutie but turn to be man..aishh!!i don't want muttering much because i will copy-paste the article below..n don't exclaim for what had happen today n nowadays because there are many weird people out there doing crazy stuff..or this is what we can describe the calling of the Judgement Day..hohoho..just figure it out..tata,till finger meets keyboard


Mr Beatie, 35, was born a girl named Tracy Lagondino but had gender reassignment surgery and is now legally male, wears a beard, and is married to Nancy. Despite changing his gender, Mr Beatie had kept his female organs so he could fall pregnant one day.

After his daughter’s birth last year Mr Beatie told ABC news that he wanted to expand his family, so he did not go back onto his male hormones in order to be able to fall pregnant again. Both babies were conceived via sperm donors.

Mr Beatie went public about his first, unusual, pregnancy by posing semi-naked and holding his heavily pregnant stomach on the cover of the national American gay magazine The Advocate.

The announcement made headlines around the world as it was believed Mr Beatie was the first man to become pregnant. He said the international attention – some positive, but much of it negative – was “shocking” but he does not regret his decision to go public about his family, despite still receiving death threats.

"We are a man, woman and child. It's ironic that we are so different but yet, we're just a family, just the same as anyone else," Mr Beatie said.



Meet the New Odd Couple, Matt Rice and Patrick Califia.

In 2000 the Village Voice ran a piece, Family Values, about Matt Rice and Patrick Califia, two girls who met when they were dykes (their wording, not ours) who wrote about raising their 8 month -old son. Even they had trouble sorting themselves out:

Our relationship was a scandal. We were generally perceived as a fag/dyke couple rather than two gay/bi men in a daddy/boy relationship, which was how we saw ourselves. When I had to go to Utah to care for my mother in the last month of her life, Matt came out for her funeral, and was promptly fired from his bartending job. That was when I started talking to Matt about maybe transitioning too.

Now the two are happily living together as a couple of trangendered men when they actually started out as lesbians. They’re raising their son as two Daddys even though Matt, as a transgendered man, had their son, Blake, by means of artificial insemination via a man they found who “loved us but didn’t love children”.

Patrick, Matt, Thomas and his wife, Nancy are products of the new “diverse” society, their children, so to speak, byproducts, where gender lines are blurred and crossed then recrossed depending upon one’s wants and desires. A brave new world indeed.



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