Sunday, February 28, 2010

::GaMe AdDiCtiOn::

salam and meet again..i dunno how to stop if i started playing fb games..officially,my lappy dun have games..i have it but lama tak main..kih3..asyik-asyik lappy hang,so i turned to fb games..well,it still have pro and cons..the good is the games mostly cool!!!i almost addicted to all the yg cons kalau internet buat hal..sakit hati betul!!tgh syok syok mengklik tetibe tak sempat nak save..kene main balik T_T...but for those yg x involved in fb games,i advised don't you ever touch 'go to application' button..then, you will suffer from addiction,but better game addiction than drug addiction whatsoever..ok laa,actually i don't have any topics to mumble but at least i have 'something' to wrote down here...ok,ciao!!


syok duk men game tetibe.....

sakit hati akhirnya and wasting time a lot!!!

p/s: hari nie kol 8pg-8mlm xdak api..nak wat pe ek??jaring pon xda..ermmm

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  1. eh yeke xdop lektrik nih?air gano lop?
    alahai..lewt mu tido..aku pon xleh tdo g minum nescafe..huhu