Saturday, February 27, 2010

yerterday punye story ^_^

yesterday,i went to lab..sangat penat meng-id lumut..haha..joking laa..bukannya wat keje berat pon..but i went to kolej aminuddin baki's carnival(ABC) which is near to my lab..g laa ngan kawan sorang lagi..jalan2 but i had spent time mostly kat amin..if not,i am almost fininshed identify the is okay.i still got today..hehe..then,we wandering around the boothes,terjumpe la anis..die jual coklat dr makmal coklat student food science..i'd bought one packet..hehe..i'm a chocolate lover!!:) then,we returned back..dapat la id half from the box..then,borak2 ngan kawan lg sorang sbb die nk stay till kls malam die kol 8..and i stayed until 9.30 pm alone!!!well,what can i say-sy xberapa takut time tu sbb ad kuliah kat level L..walaupon jauh but i felt if there was a lecture so they have many student..xlaa takut sangat..hahaha..tu je,it just a mindset..if u think something alone then u feel scared but if u positively thinking then it's better..ok,ciao!!


tgh wat ketupat..hahaha :>


weiiii,curi2 gune laptop aku ye!!hahaha



  1. inti lumut...beli laa..good for your health

  2. waloha..inti lumut i xminat ah...inti fern ad x?