Sunday, February 21, 2010

i luv coffee ^_^

salam....we meet up chit chat ngan kwan..tibe-tibe teringat pasal coffee..i am coffee addict but not drug ok..LOL..entah lah why i love to drink that exotic beverage..kadang-kadang bila dengar perkataan kopi terus ia dikaitkan dgn orang tua..tapi sekarang tidak..nowadays dah banyak jenis beverages that made from coffee base for instance capuccino, latte, mocha and also ice blended..yum yum!! pon minum nescafe je..i always wish i could pay off a cup of coffee kat starbuck..wangi je bile lalu depan cafe tu tp apakan daya,i only can walk by that cafe because a cup of that coffee is costly!!nearly more that...xtaw la tp mahal..not like nescafe ais beli kat kedai,paling mahal pon nikmat whoaa..xpe laa,when i get my own money i will buy starbuck coffee one day..kedai tu pon takkan pupus kan??fyi, coffee certainly have good and bad effect to the body system..but honestly,all of the food contain good and the bad, there's no big deal in dealing with consumption..saya sangat sukakan kopi, tapi saya xingat bila saya jatuh cinta akannya..wahwahwah...=P..lagipon dah lama saya xminum sebab sekali saya start minum and i will damn continue drinking like a vampire sucking the blood..(betol ka??) hahaha..wutever,here are some of the fact i got from the internet about things that i like and dislike about coffee beneficial....

::I LIKE::

  • strong smell and nice taste which is the most i like :)
  • high in antioxidant-which is very essential to our health
  • can reduce the old aging effect
  • menjadi perisai tubuh dari radikal bebas
  • good for your heart, avoid parkinson and others related to heart disease


  • miscarriage for woman who are taking more than 100 mg caffein per day T_T
  • difficulty breathing for newborn
  • related to osteoporosis
  • restlessness, heart pumping extremely

okay for that..i'm enough..for more information just google it okay...till then, i'm so tired rite now..wanna a have a good nite today..tata..till meet again ;)

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